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Attendance Locker

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  Our goal is to provide Millikan High School students with a sound academic foundation that will provide them for success in their post-secondary years.  Regular and punctual attendance is essential for this to occur.  Students are expected to have good attendance and to be to class on time unless they have a valid excuse.  The state of California has determined that excused absences are limited to the following:


Excused Absences:

  • Bereavement for immediate family (4 days)
  • Court Appearance
  • Doctor/dentist appointment
  • Exclusion for required immunizations
  • Illness
  • Religious holiday/activity
  • School sponsored events
  • School suspension

Unexcused Absences (This is not an all-inclusive list):

  • Babysitting
  • No absence verification/note
  • Oversleeping
  • Transportation

***Teachers are not required to provide make-up work for unexcused absences.



Students who arrive to school late must go to OCS for the period.  There are only two exceptions to this rule:

  • Students who arrive less than 20 minutes late (8:10 a.m.) during the first period of the day may enter class with a parent/guardian note if the student has not exceeded three tardy notes in one semester.
  • Students with an official doctor, dentist or court slip may go to the attendance office and a pass will be issued.


Students who need to leave campus during the day are required to bring a signed note from a parent/guardian with a contact number to obtain an early-out permit slip.  Notes must be taken to the office before school.  The attendance clerks will call parents/guardians to confirm the signature on the early-out permit.



In order to clear an absence students must take their notes to the attendance office.


In order to expedite the readmission process and ensure accurate recordkeeping please include the following information on all notes:

  • Date
  • ID #
  • Student’s full name and grade
  • Reason for absence
  • Date of absence
  • Parent/guardian’s name (printed and signature)
  • Parent contact number



  1. Have your student get a copy of his/her attendance report from the attendance office.
  2. Discuss any questionable absences with your student.
  3. Have your student speak with his/her teacher about any questionable absences.
    • If the teacher agrees that there was an error, the teacher will sign the report next to the disputed absence.  This will allow the attendance clerks to remove the questionable absence.  
    • If the teacher does not agree, the absence will remain
  4. Once your student and the teacher have reviewed the attendance printout, look it over and discuss it again with your student.
  5. Students should then turn the signed report, if the teacher did sign, to the attendance office.
  6. After completing steps 1-5, if there are still discrepancies you should personally contact the attendance office.  Sue McNeely is the attendance clerk for students whose last names begin with A-L.  Ms. McNeely may be reached at (562) 425-7441 ext. 4545.  Brenda Cassman is the attendance clerk for students whose last names begin with M-Z.  Ms. Cassman may be reached at (562) 425-7441 ext. 4112.


Long Beach Unified School District sends home monthly truancy letters to parents of students at every school in the district to inform them when their students have been absent, late, or have left early from school without a valid excuse on three occasions of 30 minutes or more in a school day.  If you receive a letter please review it with your student.  After reviewing the letter, if you believe it may be a school error please follow the STEPS FOR CLEARING DISPUTABLE ABSENCES.  Please do not become alarmed unless your student has an excessive amount of absences.  The main purpose of this letter is to keep you informed and make sure that your student is taking advantage of every day of education being offered.



The Teleparent is an automated system that calls home when a student has been marked absent.  If you receive a call that your student is absent from school and you know he/she is present you should call the attendance office.  However, if you are aware of your student’s absence, simply send a note with the student upon his/her return.  There is no need to call the office.

McNeely, Susan